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 Wholesale FlyNova Flying Spinner Factory in China 

We are Wholesale FlyNova Flying Spinner Factory and  Bulk FlyNova Supplier in China of high quality for several years. FlyNova is a mind-blowing flying spinner toy with an ingenious hidden drive mechanism that can perform incredible aerobatic tricks and stunts. It’s simple to master in just a few minutes and a total blast to play alone or with friends. It can fly anywhere, makes a great Christmas gift and is the absolute cure for boredom! .

Charger:USB Cable,
Battery capacity: 100mah Charging time:15min
Net weight:20g

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FlyNova Flying Spinner Supplier Description:

Epdly has been one of the leading exporters and flyNova manufacturer in China since 2011.

TWe designed FlyNova to be fun and safe, especially for kids. The enclosed wheel design is aerodynamic and protects your hands while spinning it up and performing tricks. Catching it mid-air or on the go is easy and 100% safe.
It’s fun to fly and also a great way to relax and take release some stress. When those long days get you down or you think that one more office meeting will drive you crazy, take FlyNova for a spin and get your Zen on!

You don’t need to have any experience about importing FlyNova Flying Spinner from China, because a professional FlyNova Flying Spinner manufacturer will guides you step by step until you receive all products in your country, We have exported bulk FlyNova spinner to HK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, UK, and EU, for example, France, Germany, Spain, and Poland. But how to verify good quality when you import FlyNova Spinner from China, here below is the article will teach you how to wholesale FlyNova Flying Spinner from China

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