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China Squishy Toys Factory & OEM Squishy Toy Supplier

Squishy Toys Factory Offer squishy toy with an affordable price by small dealers. Our Squishy Toy supplier in China has shipped 500000pcs squishy toys to USA, EU and emerging market. As the popular squishy toys in Amazon etc online stores, you will get good profit on it.

Function: Pressure Relief
Color:  Customized or normal.
Body Material: PU Plastic.
Package: Gift box/PP Bag

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Product name: Squisy Toy
Product material: PU
Product size: Jumbo size
Color: Colorful
MOQ: 100pcs
Package: pp bag
Shape: Fruit, food, toy shapes

Features of Slow Squishy Toy Factory

Made of Elastic Environmentally PU.Sweet smelling&Soft touch.Don’t put it in your mouth!
A variety of shapes, bread, cookies, toast, donuts, panda,sushi,etc.
Each comes with straps.You need to bunch straps and toys together.
Cute & soft squishy charms for cellphones, bags, keys, purse,backpack,gifts, collecting, and more

Squishy Toys Introduction

when you look at it, they’re so cute that you may feel better, or even all your bad feelings will be gone. It can be a stress reliever
Sponge charm is really comfortable touch, realistic look, sweet smelling and super kawai
It’s fun to squeeze, and it sounds so gross! Gross as in your kids will love this! It helps children stay focused in school.
Cute and soft charms for cellphones, bags, keys, gifts, collecting, and more! Also As stress relief toys for giving vent to your emotion.
You won’t be able to keep your hands off these silly, super soft and very slow rising squishies, making the box of soft squishy toys great presents or individually as birthday party favors for boys or girls

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