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HP-6830 Refrigerator Air Cleaner Supplier, Room Air Purifier Factory in China

This new Refrigerator Air Cleaner  with smart touch design has 3 levels to purify the air in refrigerator, toilet, shoebox, pet room and customer will see the competitive price and fashionable design from our refrigerator air cleaner supplier

Housing Material: Aluminum AlloyVoltage: DC 3-6VRated Power :< 0.5WBattery capacity:4400mAh

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Refrigerator Air Cleaner Supplier Description:

Epdly Refrigerator Air cleaner supplier creates an ideal environment inside your refrigerator from top to bottom to keep fruits and vegetables fresh up to 3 times longer. Common microorganisms on the surface of fruits and vegetables and within your refrigerator can trigger natural foods to decay and spoil prematurely. The timed release of O3 zaps these microorganisms to slow the decomposition of fresh produce. You can expect foods to stay fresh several days to several weeks longer. For example, delicate berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries) may stay fresh 2-4 weeks. When purchased on the hard side, avocados can last a whole month in a refrigerator with a Fridge Fresh unit. For bananas, the peel may darken on the outside, but the inside of the banana will remain fresh for several weeks<. If refrigerator odors are a constant unpleasantry for you, then look no further than Berry Breeze. Because Berry Breeze slowly refrigerator, food comes to a grinding - preventing them from molding and rotting. Since your food is kept fresh, unwanted odors will be eliminated and prevented.

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